Daily Cruises

Gouvia Marina is the ideal starting point for one-day cruises in Corfu.

We have two alternative routes to propose, but you are the ones to define your final travel plan.

Be assured that, whether you choose to travel to the picturesque havens in the north, or head towards the cosmopolitan sights around Corfu town, you will be rewarded by the generosity of nature, as idyllic landscapes will unfold before your eyes.

Please be reminded that fresh fruit, juice, bottled water, sodas and snacks compliments of our own will be there to welcome you onboard the yacht, to begin your trip lighter and carefree!

Recom time of departure: 9 am
Time of return: 6 pm

Dives, Monuments and famous Sights

Dives, Monuments and famous Sights around Corfu town This route combines the pleasure of a cruise on a boat with a condensed and different visit of almost all popular sights on the island around the town of Corfu. All by visiting these sights, you will be...

Corfu’s Riviera to the north

Hazel-green paradises with crystal-blue waters A beautiful natural landscape unravels around us as soon as we leave the bay. Verdant hills with olive-trees, pines and cypresses are reflected on the serene azure waters. Deep gulfs and small isolated coves follow endlessly one after the other. Small tavernas,...