Two day / Three day Cruises

Three days of vacation on a yacht equal to a week ashore. Life on our sailing boat will transfer you to another universe, one where time, body and space feel completely different, like in a timeless dream.

Having 3 days available, we can plan various programmes depending on what you like. We will propose two choices of trips that will make you feel like you are somewhere very far away. We are lucky that two heavens on earth, the virgin Diapontia islands, almost unknown to most, and the cosmopolitan Paxos – Antipaxos, are very easily accessible, being just a few miles off the coast of Corfu.

Paxos – Antipaxos

The shining diamonds of the Ionian Sea There is nothing we can say about this amazing pair of islands that you might not have heard before, as it is one of the most famous and popular summer destinations in Greece. The astonishing thing is that the islands...

Ereikoussa – Othoni (Diapontia islands)

Greece’s hazel-green Far West Diapontia islands are a hidden Paradise in the north-western part of Greece, a complex of islands that shine in their virgin, exotic beauty. We will sail towards the biggest islands, Ereikoussa and Othoni that vibrate with life every summer, when locals that have...