“Kassios Dias”, Erimitis, May 2018

Spring 2018. Darinka II has returned brand new from the traditional shipyard situated at beautiful Diakofti in Patmos, eagerly waiting to set sail for the hazel green waters of the Ionian Sea.

Spring on Corfu comes in full bloom. The island is dressed in the most beautiful colours of green, pink, yellow, white and purple, all surrounded by the glaring light blue of the sea and the sky.

Every spring since 2010, the island welcomes “Kassios Dias,” the most popular mountain trail run race. This year, the race that runs through the most beautiful routes of northeast Corfu has one more, remarkable mission: to save the ecosystem of Erimitis, one of the last remaining virgin areas of Corfu that risks to become a prey to the greed of touristic development.

The organisers of the race invited Darinka II to participate as an escort boat. We are very pleased, as we ceaselessly support the struggle to save this rare ecosystem. Darinka II, dressed in Save Erimitis banners, took part in the opening and closing events organised at Kassiopi bay and sailed close to the runners that ran along the coastline in virgin nature.

Natural reserves are the most valuable wealth that a society can bequeath its children, as they are the only safeguard that human activity and life itself will continue.

We protect the virgin area of Erimitis and set a date next year to be there in this festive festive sports, ecology and social awareness event.


"Kassios Dias," Erimitis, April 2019.

Spring 2019. It is time for the 9th “Kassios Dias” trail run race in northeast Corfu. The race is longer; 23 km have now become 35 and part of its route as always crosses the virgin beauty of Erimitis.

Darinka II will also participate in this festive sports, ecology and social awareness event this year, supporting the preservation of Erimitis ecosystem.


Welcome to Kassios Dias Trail Race-“Run of Cassius Zeus”-a race that follows a demanding trail of approximately 1000m of positive differential altitude that is addressed to experienced runners and takes place in technical paths, old forest roads and a little asphalt.

23k, 8k race and 1200m for kids

Kassiopi Village in Corfu Island, in the Ionian Sea

Sunday 12 April 2020

A unique feature of the race is that a part of it takes place by the coastline, in the outstandingly beautiful and enviromentally important ecosystem of Erimitis, a ‘Natura’ area of endless natural beauty while maintaining its mountainous character owing to the terrain morphology.

Contact us and we will make you an unbeatable offer to suit your needs and preferences:
We offer several options varying from short weekend breaks in Corfu, including your entry to the race to a full vacation plan in Kassiopi and the surrounding area!

Moreover, we can offer you training plans, actual training in the streets and routes of Corfu and, naturally, we will run with you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy runs!