Sailing courses for Sailing School graduates

Lately, we see an ever-increasing number of people graduating from Sailing Schools. Charmed by travelling on a sailing boat, many choose to take the wheel in their hands.

Under the Greek laws, a “sailing diploma” enables a person to navigate or to rent a sailing boat of up to 24 m.

Just like with a driver’s licence, however, experience builds up only by practicing.

To that effect, Darinka II hosts sailing lessons addressed to sailing school diploma holders that seek to practice their skill, refresh and deepen their knowledge.

The instructor is the boat’s skipper, an experienced captain with more than 150,000 nautical miles, an RYA instructor and a coach of the Greek Sailing Federation.

Cost: The cost is exclusively limited to the cost of renting the boat with a skipper (including mandatory or any optional charges that the renters/trainees will choose). In other words, sailing courses are offered free of charge.

Training context: training at sea, overnight stay on the boat, just like regular boat rentals. Sailing courses are addressed either to people that come for vacation and wish to take advantage of this time to practice the sport, or to individuals that form small groups (of up to 6 people) in their common wish to practice sailing after the diploma.

Class duration: 3 days or more, after an understanding.

Aim: gain confidence and essential skills and competences after the “sailing diploma.”