About Us

Inspired by the classic yacht Darinka II, our company was founded by Theodoros (Theo) Boukas and Apostolis Lykos.

The wooden two-masted sailboat is charged with history, talent and a great energy: designed by the legendary J.J. Herbulot, it has been for years the private yacht of the renowned director Emir Kusturica.

It was Kusturica himself who chose the experienced captain and sailing instructor Theodoros Boukas, to be the successor owner of Darinka II, since he’d already been navigating for years the boat in nearby and distant seas.

Darinka II is above all the classic yacht that will give you unforgettable moments in dreamy sea trips.

Still, it is the special heritage of the boat, our passion and enthusiasm for the sea, ecology, art and the joy of life, that have developed further usages of the boat,  e.g. as an artist residency, offering a unique work environment and inspiration to artists and all manner of creative people.Our aim is to give prominence to the substance of well-being; therefore, and in addition to our commercial activity, we remain active supporters of the environmental and cultural actions inspired by enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for our society and the natural world that embraces us.